Contacts Migration App Privacy

Contacts Migration App allows you to migrate your contacts from Google and Yahoo! to Microsoft cloud.

Personal information

Contacts Transfer applications ("the app") accesses your contacts stored in Google/Yahoo cloud service and allows you to transfer them to Microsoft cloud service. Other than the transfer of contacts, which is the primary purpose of this app, this app does not access, collect or transmit any of your personally identifiable information.

Also, the app does not store any contacts on the computer permanently. Once you close the application, contacts cannot be retrieved without re-connecting to Google cloud service.

Earlier editions of the app where asking users to go though full sign-in process every time, but that was too cumbersome for most users, so we have started storing access tokens. The access tokens are used to access Google and Microsoft cloud services. Tokens are not your user name and password, so they cannot be used to acces your account. They can only be used to access contacts, read-only for Google and Yahoo and write access for Microsoft.

Access tokens are stored securely in Microsoft Authentication Library (MSAL) token cache store for Microsoft and Windows Credentials Store for Google.

Third parties

This application assists you in transferring your contacts from Google/Yahoo! cloud service to Microsoft's Outlook cloud service. Their (Microsoft, Yahoo! and Google) usage of information is excluded from this privacy policy and their respective privacy policies apply.

This app is not the property of either of the above mentioned corporations (Yahoo, Google or Microsoft). It is a third party tool facilitating access to services exposed by these companies through their respective APIs.

For more information please email application support.

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